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Using Instagram to Market Your Business

Instagram is now one of the most powerful tools in the world that business use to grow their influence and market their products. If you have a business and are not currently using Instagram to market and grow, you are missing out on over 1 billion people use this...

How to Get the Right Followers on Instagram

If you have a business or a brand, marketing to the right people is both easier and more important than ever. Gone are the days of direct mail, phone calls and even email spam. Today, with social media, marketers have a unique opportunity to reach their targets...

10 Best Ways to Attract Followers on Instagram

It doesn’t matter what you post on Instagram, we are all looking for the same thing. It can be a selfie, a snap of your latest meal, some beautiful scenery or a picture of a product that you are selling, the point of posting is to share what you are doing with the...


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